If you are a music lover and want to avoid using earphones then you should consider purchasing a boom box. A boombox is a portable mp3 player that has the capacity to produce high quality sounds just like home theatres. The sizes of boombox vary in order the different needs of individual and their budget. Boombox are usually equipped with additional features that will improve your music listening experience. Some of the additional features include radio tuner, cassette and CD player, and Bluetooth features. The presence of the additional features will give a variety of ways that you can use the boombox for. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy the best boombox that will give you the best music experience. Here are some of the features that defines the quality of a good boombox.

Playing a boombox requires source of electrical power. The best boombox should be able to be used with different power options. It should be equipped with an AC adapter that will enable you to power it from you wall sockets. Since you might consider carrying for a picnic or to the beach it should have an alternative way of powering apart from the wall socket. It should be equipped with an internal battery that has a long life. A good battery life will mean that after charging you can use it for a long duration.

One of the additional technological features present in a good boombox is Bluetooth. A boombox with Bluetooth will enable to wirelessly connect it to you phone. Connecting the boombox wirelessly will spare you the expense of buying cable for connection. Furthermore, Bluetooth connection is more decent than using the wires in case you are planning to travel. The Bluetooth feature should also have a good wireless radius, this way you will not have to sit closer to the boombox in order to listen to your music.

The quality of the sound produce by the boombox is also an important feature to consider. The quality of the sound is usually defined by the watts. A boombox with high watt rating means that the sound quality is high and vice versa. Since boombox are designed to be portable the manufacturers does not always prioritize the sound quality. Another feature is the size of the boombox. Boombox usually come is variety of sizes. You should choose a boombox with a size that will be convenient for you. There are some other factors to consider but will be dictated by your personal preference.


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